Tuesday, August 4, 2009



(When I was studying at Coimbatore, I used to pass through the building at Avanashi Road where G.D.Naidu housed his Research Laboratory. Prominently displayed-, which you can even, see to day the word - Construction for destruction. Born in a poor agricultural family in 1893 Doraiswamy left the school in the 3rd standard itself. He became famous Industrialist by sheer hard work and deep thinking power. )

Doraiswamy Naidu belonged to agricultural family. When he was studying 3rd standard
he decided that this education is of no use to him and quit the school. For next 10-years he worked along with his father and assisting him in agricultural work. During this period he enriched his knowledge by reading Tamil books, newspapers and magazines.

When he saw some empty medicine bottles thrown from medical stores- he found by
selling Painkiller drugs to nearby villages he can earn money. Through the help of a
Teacher he wrote to the English Company requesting to give the agency of this product. Thus started his experience in business.

One day an Englishman was passing through his village in motorcycle. His cycle gave
problem and asked Doraiswasmy to bring some old cloth and kerosene. The boy saw how
the Englishman was repairing the motorcycle. He admired the skill and decided that he
should also learn and do similar repairs.

After 4-years of toil Doraiswamy purchased the same motorcycle and dismantled all the
parts and reassembled the same. It gave immense pleasure for him and also valuable
experience. His interest in Automobiles grew and he joined in a bus company owned by
an Englishman as Driver cum Fitter.

He earned the good will of the Englishman. Appreciating the interest and skill of this lad, the Englishman gave a bus to him and asked him to use for his livelihood and also gave some money on loan. Doraiswamy was plying this bus between Pollachi and Palani. Thus he became an Entrepreneur in a young age.

A novel idea struck him- why not collect Bus drivers and Conductors and form a Union
and purchase buses and ply in Coimbatore. Thus born the United Motors Service- the
famous name- UMS Service. He was the founder and himself was driving the bus. He
became very popular among his colleagues. He not only shared his profit with them but
also helped some of them to start their own services.

Ordinary Doraiswamy soon became Transport Owner. He traveled widely abroad particularly to Japan, Russia and States. He was so impressed with the developments there he decided to offer quality products from Indian markets.He wanted to prove that we are not inferior to them in manufacturing Industrial Parts and started his own workshop to manufacture automobile parts. He developed a new type of shaving blade that will last any number of shavings- far superior than 7`o clock blades.

He was the father of present day automatic shaving razor. Many European companies
tried to secure the patent from him. He developed UMS-Radios, Clocks and other
products, which were either imported or manufactured with Japanese collaboration. He
started manufacturing small electronic items and motors required for Tape Recorders.
GD. Naidu was not born rich. When he wanted to purchase the motor cycle- he toiled to
earn and was working in hotels as server. It took 4-years for him to save Rs.400/- to
purchase the above cycle.

When he encountered heavy losses in Cotton ginning business- he never sunk – he
wanted to work hard and apply his ideas to reality. The same case when all motor
companies faced bleak feature- he made drivers and conductors owners and turned the
tide. Many times I saw him demonstrating before audiences new products and before them he used to break them. At that time I could not understand why he was doing this. Many people like me also thought like this and some used to call him – eccentric.

But he was not. He wanted to impress that unless the products are destructed you cannot master the technology and you will be able to produce either a new product or improve the present one.


Naidu proved to younger generation that you need not have money to achieve your ideas
and dreams. If you prepared to work hard towards that goal- money problem will
automatically solved It is sheer will-power and undaunted courage that propel you to
achieve some thing tangible. Industrialists are not born but are made.

· Learn even the minute details while learning.
· Do the job yourself.
· Use your hands and brain.
· Think not that you are inferior.